The Monday Morning Club

Founder | Branding | UX design | Service design | Learning design


The Challenge

Full-time workers who face job loss struggle with finding new employment and staying motivated during a difficult time. The Monday Morning Club was a social enterprise I founded to teach self-management skills to job seekers to ease this process, make it enriching and boost confidence.

The Solution

A two-week course was developed and delivered to groups through Zoom and online materials. The course taught practical and applicable goal setting, time management, stress management, and creative problem-solving skills tailored for job seeking.

A selection of illustrations created for social media.

Branding development

I designed the brand identity and visual language, and produced social media content and other marketing assets to build up awareness within Waltham Forest.

Brand elements

Responsive website

I designed and custom coded a number iterations of the marketing websites for the different campaigns.


The course was marketed using social media and a referral network of Waltham Forest-based organizations I built up.

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I developed a monthly newsletter, sharing practical exercises by myself and other independent and self-motivated individuals such as The Guardian’s Creative Directer, Chris Clarke, which was featured on leading creative careers platform Creative Lives In Progress.

User-centred design

Discovery research I conducted into the impact of AI and automation on the labour market and the redundancy process led to the creation of over 17 workshops for job seekers, on various subjects, from skillset analysis to the use of digital task management software, to creative problem-solving techniques.

I tested, iterated and improved each exercise through running weekly face-to-face meet-ups with a range of job seekers.

Online course

During the pandemic, the workshops were adapted into an online course and delivered to multiple groups of up to 10 participants via Zoom and digital materials. Research interviews and surveys were conducted continuing the user-centred design approach and resulting in a highly successful offering.

Partcipants results

Improved their productivity

Improved their work/life balance

Gained employment within three months

Read the full impact report

My role

I led all aspects of The MMC as a solo venture and was lucky to find some amazing volunteers and experts to support its development including research companies, Kohlrabi Consulting and Luminance Insight, and personal development coach Catherine Serusclat. Along with many other great contributors and advisors.

This meant that my roles and responsibilities were wide ranging, including:

  • User research and analysis
  • User journey mapping
  • Service design
  • Web design and development
  • No-code development
  • Brand design
  • Marketing strategy and asset creation
  • Networking and business development
  • Financial planning and forecasting
  • Writing
  • Illustration

An automated afterlife

In early 2023 I adapted the course to become fully online and aimed at recent graduates. I developed a new identity after conducting market research with a range of job seeking and newly freelancing graduates.

It is now called Led By Self and has an automated on-boarding, using no-code platform Make.

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